How it works....
Once you register as a club, you will be given a 'Sleigh ID', which you then use to log on and list the dates and areas you will be visiting.
On your page you will have a space, which you can sell as advertising to local businesses. This money goes directly into your collection!
You then need to advertise the Sleigh Tracker site as much as possible, on Facebook, Twitter, posters etc.
Parents / carers can then register for reminders as to when you are out.
They can then download the SleighTracker app to their phones to see where you are, live!
When you are out and about, one of your team must have downloaded the SleighTracker app onto their phone and have it running in
'Sleigh Mode' (we will give you instructions). This is how we will track you!
Here are some comments from Crewe Rotary Club's Facebook page. They have used it for a few years.